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portrait by kate gabor


Historical Guide

I love meeting people from all over the world, and I make it my mission to provide memorable tours and experiences for my clients. I decided to become a professional Historical Guide in 2014 and haven’t stopped traveling since! 

As a professional Historical Guide, I’m here to introduce you to the sights, sounds, and incredible experiences that await you in Copenhagen and beyond. Take a look at what I offer and get in touch if you would like to work with me. I can’t wait to show you the world as I see it.


When I’m not busy guiding, I spend time exploring and researching,  writing, and giving seminars, and talks. If you're interested you are welcome to download my CV here. Recently I have received 2 great recommendations, one from Matti from Germany and one from Kelly Rosenfeld from USA. You can follows these links to reed them. 

Top Tours

Visit Rosenborg Castle

Come along on a visit to the Danish Royal Collections belonging to her Majesty the queen, Margrethe 2. Highlights here are the Regalia and Crown Jewels, the narwhale throne, and the original interior in the rooms belonging to king Christian 4. The latter being a notorious and famous king for his huge losses in wars, mistresses, and 23 children. 

Hygge & Happiness

walk with a Dane

Come along on a talking, walking tour through Copenhagen with a local resident and expert in Danish history and culture. On this easy-going tour, we will pass some of the classic sites and local gems this city has to offer. Starting out at The Little Mermaid we'll talk about fairy tales vs. reality, the welfare state and the happiest people in the world. The tour ends at The Harbour Bath in Islands Brygge where, if the weather permits, you can go for a swim.

Copenhagen Habor, Denmark

The fairy tale writer's Copenhagen

A walking tour in the footsteps of Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen who arrived in the Danish capital on a September day in 1819 with great aspirations seeking fame and fortune and refuge from the poverty and despair that characterized his childhood in Odense. 

Visit Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød

Come along on a visit to the Museum of Danish National History. This impressive and unrivaled Renaissance castle was built by the legendary Danish King Christian IV and incorporates the best of Renaissance architecture and craftsmanship. Frederiksborg Castle is a unique place for superb cultural experiences, scenic walks, and boat tours.

Visit Hamlet's Castle in Elsinore

There are only a few other sites in the world with as much drama and history gathered in one place as ‘Hamlet’s Castle’, on the Danish coast in Elsinore.
This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with soaring towers, a huge banqueting hall, and damp casemates. 
After a visit to the castle lunch can be arranged at a local, renowned restaurant serving classic Danish lunch. 
Time spent: approx. 4 hours. 
Foto by Finn Christoffersen

A day in Roskilde:

Vikings, Bishops & Royal tombs

Roskilde was once an old Viking settlement. Later on, the town became the seat of the Bishop of Sealand and the burial city of Danish monarchs. Today the Cathedral in Roskilde is declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. 
The tour includes visits to Roskilde Viking Museum, Roskilde Cathedral, and a superb lunch, overlooking Roskilde Fjord and Viking Ship replicas sailing the waters. 

Time spent: approx. 7 hours. 


Katherine was terrific !


Knowledgeable, charming, enthusiastic and fun. She was very responsive to our interests and extremely flexible in her presentation and focus. 

We can't recommend Kathrine enough.


Rating: 6/6

"Just a note to thank you again for a wonderful tour of Rosenborg!!!

We have had many guides in our 40 years of travel and you are at the top of the list. You have a unique talent for this vocation.
We thank you again for an excellent presentation!!! All the best."

Katherine took us around the city of Copenhagen, onto the waterfront over a bridge til Christiania - which we asked her to.


She completely changed her tour to match our wishes. She is one of the best tour leaders that we have ever met! 


Rating: 6/6

Kathrine was extraordinary!
Very knowlegable, friendly and very acommodating! She reads her clients very well and that is so very important in a good guided tour!
We will book her again!! 

Rating: 6/6

"Kathrine is Denmark's best guide and storyteller!
She has guided princesses, oligarchs and many other VIPs for us, and EVERYONE loves her.
My warmest recommendations!"
Karl Granov, Proprietor, BALDER

Other Tours

  • The Meat Packing District: A walking tour through a complete, rational planned production site. Once the place of butchering and slaughter, today a hot spot for trendy restaurants, bars, and galleries. In short still a meat market but a different kind.

  • New Copenhagen Architecture: From idyllic Christianshavn with its almost Dutch atmosphere to Islands Brygge and beyond to the award-winning green residential complex 'the 8 House' by BIG where we'll take a walk on the roof.

  • Do as Copenhageners, ride a bike: A fun and a relaxed bike ride from 'Superkilen' in Nørrebro via the inner city pathways over the 'Bike Snake' to Islands Brygge with its Harbour Park and Bath.

  • Food Tour: A walking, tasting tour through Copenhagen with planned stops and visits at some of the more distinct, classic, and new culinary experiences in the Danish capital.

  • Top Sites of Copenhagen: A tour of the must see's this city has to offer: The little Mermaid, Nyboder, The century citadel, The Gefion Fountain, Amalienborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle, The Stock Exchange, The Round Tower, The Royal Library Garden, and more.


Kathrine G. Bjerregaard
One of many happy groups!
The Little Mermaid
Rosenborg Castle
Everyone rides their bikes in Copenhagen, rain or shine
The harbour front, Islands Brygge
Going for a dip in the harbour after work
The Stock Exchange and Parliament Castle on Slotsholmen in Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens
The Cathedral of Roskilde
Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art
Ragnar Kjartansson exhibit at Louisiana
Kathrine (me) in Nyhavn
I also travel to Gotland, a small island in the Baltic Sea, only 6 hours from Copenhagen
S:t Karin's ruin, Visby, Gotland
Pippi Street in Visby
Me telling stories in Grötlingbo
Gannarve, Gotland
The Valdemar Cross
Visby at winter time
Langhammar, Fårö - also called Bergmans island
The grave of Beowulf
Leaving Visby, Gotland, on the ferry
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